(1) FREE SERVICE OF HEALING TOUCH CAMP BY SHRI JAGTAP BABAJI AT SAI DEEP VILLAS HOTEL AT SHIRDI ON 5th of every month from 9 AM to 12 PM and 4 PM to 6 PM and contact devotee is Shri HP SHARMA mob. no. 9822441777 land line 02423-255293/94. Register for Healing Camp


        An ardent devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba from CHENNAI will pray ,invoke and shower the Divine BLESSINGS of Saintly God, for the benefit and HEALING TOUCH for suffering masses. The great miracles of Shirdi Sai Maharaj are known and experienced world wide.

        DEDICATED MASS ASSEMBLY- Shri D.H.JAGTAPJI, (BABAJI), an Ardent and Revered Devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba will pray, invoke the Healing Touch and Blessings of SHIRDI SAI BABA for the benefit of the devotees, who are suffering from various problems or diseases like: education, job, promotion, not getting married, married but no issue (child), court cases, litigation, black magic ,possession of evil spirit, agricultural cultivation, house construction, headache, spondylitis, backache, skin diseases, heart problems, blood pressure, kidney diseases, gall bladder stone, arthritis, lumbago, acidity, asthma, cancer ,colic ,constipation, deafness, diabetes, flatulence, paralysis, insomnia, tonsillitis, vertigo, etc……and other worldly miseries, problems, distress by Senior Citizens who have got substantial relief / cured through Shri Sainath Maharaj's BLESSINGS through Shri Jagtapji just by chanting OM SAI RAMA- 9 times and the devotees are cured instantly through the revered Shri D.H.JAGTAPJI (BABAJI) with his HEALING TOUCH & ADVICE. Please come and be benefited. Thousands and Lakhs people have been blessed in India and Abroad even on phone.

I am at the Lotus Feet of Shri SHIRDI SAI BABA. Without HIS GRACE, I am not able to do anything. As Hemadpant i.e. Shri Govind Raghunath Dabholkar has rightly said that because of Shri SAI BABA'S Blessings he could write “SHRI SAI SATCHARITRA”. Same way I have been blessed by SHRI SAI BABA on many occasions. And with HIS GRACE only I am writing this THE GREAT MIRACLES OF SHIRDI SAI BABA which are done through me and only with HIS BLESSINGS and that too instantly. HE gives DARSHAN to some devotees in my palm of my right hand or HE gives DARSHAN in my both the eyes or sometimes HE changes my face into HIS OWN FACE and many devotees are blessed. It is said in SAI SATCHARITRA that whosoever devotee because of his or her poorvajanma karma is able to to have the DARSHN of SHIRDI SAI BABA will not have rebirth but will get Moksh/Mukti. With HIS blessings and HIS MIGHTY Powers only HE is spreading HIS HEALING TOUCH Messages to all over the world through SHIRDI SAI LEELAMRUT, a quarterly book published from, “SAI DEEP” No. 1, Lognathan Street, Tambaram, ( West ), Chennai-600045, Tel. No. 044-22261670 by shri. E.Radhakrishnan who is an ardent devotee of SHIRDI SAI BABA.

Jagtap's Encounter with Shirdi Sai Baba







           Here, I like to tell to the devotees that it is because of our poorvajanma karma and also the devotion to our God-Shri Sai Nath with self surrender, is ultimate to reach to HIM and get the blessings by worshiping HIM and some may get Mukti/Moksh. I have been blessed by our Guru, shri Sai Baba on many occasions. He came to my house on 4 to 5 times and asked only Rs. 3/- as dakshina which I gave to HIM.

       HE traveled with me on my motor cycle, on 7 times, as pillion rider. HE was stopping my motor cycle and was requesting me for the lift to travel for the short journey. On the way, He was asking me to stop the vehicle and He was asking to give Rs. 3/- as dakshina which I was to give to Him. After getting Rs. 3/- He blessed me on all the 7 times of His accompanying me.
      On 21/03/2001, when I went to Shirdi to have the darshan, Shri Sai Baba came before me after entering the main gate of Sansthan. He was very dark in colour and beard and hair grown about 3-4 inches long and may be aged about 90 to 95 years old. He stopped me and asked my help to sit down. I helped Him to sit Him down comfortably and I offered some mixture to eat which He accepted. Then He asked me to help for change of place as some hot rays of sunlight was troubling Him. I helped Him for change of place and taken Him to other place near to VIP's pass issue counter in Sansthan. Then, He sat there comfortably and advised me to go and have the darshan in Samadhi mandir and dwarkamai and chavadi. I left that place and walked about 5 steps only and turned back to see whether He is sitting comfortably, and to my surprise no body was there. A person aged about 90 to 95 years age can not get up in 1/2 seconds and disappear so sudden ! HE was SHRI SAI BABA only.

      On 21/06/2001, again it so happened other Miracle. I was traveling to Shirdi by state bus from Ahmednagar and there was a woman with her grandson next to my seat. She was suffering from the incurable pain in her calf of both the legs since last 7 years despite of consulting good Doctors/specialists with their medicines. I did the free service of healing touch to her and Shri Sai Baba cured her instantly. She was to go to Surat. I advised her to pay thanks to Sai Baba and continue your journey afterwards. So we both sat in Dwarkamai. A cat came to us and sat on my lap for some time. I told that woman please see this cat but may be Sai Baba as no cat suppose to come in Dwarkamai. And to our surprise the cat disappeared suddenly. HE was Shri Sai Baba.

       Again, on 21/09/2001, after my free services of healing touch at Mumbai and Navi Mumbai and Kalyan I came to Shirdi for blessing with my nephew named Mr. Shekhar Shingare Mob. No. 9322096866. While taking tea at Sansthan tea canteen, a person aged about 45-50 years asked me by holding my right hand, to get one tea. We bought 3 cups of tea and I offered a cup to him and we drank the tea by talking to each other. After wards the person who took a tea with us put the empty cup in waste bin, and paid thanks to us and wanted to leave. We told him thanks for giving company and you can go. He walked just 5 steps and disappeared. My nephew Mr. Shekhar asked me about HIM and how He has disappeared. I told him that, HE was SAI BABA. Here I want to tell that, because of Mr Shekhar's poorvajanma karma only he got darshan of Shri Sai Baba on 21/09/2009 in Shirdi Sai Sansthan premises in side the canteen. With that darshan Mr. Shekhar got married within 2 months and within few months his wife delivered and got a child. It is said that devotee who can get Darshan of God can get Moksh/Mukti. So, Mr. Shekar is a blessed soul.

             I, used to buy some flowers (mala) on every day at evening time to offer to Shri Sai Baba on the next day at morning hours during the pooja/archana. On one occasion, that is in the month of November, 2003, when I was buying the small garland of flowers for the sai baba's idol, I was tapped by a person from behind and when I turned and seen who was it, I was just shocked by seeing SHRI SAI BABA in HIS real form with green colour long shirt, a begging bowl and a stick about 2 and half to 3 feet called sataka, a bag on HIS shoulder called zoli with beard and moustache and head was covered with green colour cloth as usual, as we see in photo. He asked me to for daksina which I was not having a change. He told me that He got the change but I wanted to get it from the vendor only. After getting two five rupee coins, I gave Him one coin, and He blessed me. I requested Him to come to my house and have a cup of tea. He told me that He had a cup of tea which was offered by my wife some time back about 9 months before during His visit to my house. After blessing me, suddenly He disappeared from there. I can not explain in words about my feelings at that moment.

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